Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on attractions to have fun! There are so many cheap family things to do in Gatlinburg TN so your family will have a ton of fun without spending a ton of money! From arcades to even free activities, we have a pretty good idea of some things you’ll all enjoy doing when you stay with us. Here are the top 6 cheap family things to do in Gatlinburg TN:

1. Gatlin’s Fun Center

gatlin's fun center in gatlinburgIf you want a variety of activities to do that don’t cost a lot, you should go to Gatlin’s Fun Center. You can pay for activities on an individual basis or pay for an all access pass to do everything they offer. Some of the fun things to do include laser tag, outdoor mini golf, an outdoor ropes course, laser maze, escape rooms, and more. Your whole family will love playing together at Gatlin’s Fun Center!

2. Fannie Farkle’s

Does your family love arcades? Take them to Fannie Farkle’s, a huge arcade in downtown Gatlinburg. Your kids will love playing racing games, claw machines, and other arcade games to try and get points. Your points will be put on the card you load with money, and then at the end of the day, you trade in points for prizes! You get to decide how much money goes on the card, so it’s totally up to you to decide how much you want to spend!

3. Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

pinball machine from the gatlinburg pinball museumAnother cheap family thing to do in Gatlinburg TN is the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum. Admission provides you with the opportunity to look at all kinds of retro and vintage pinball games, as well as some modern games. You also are able to play all of these games! Your whole family will have a blast at the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum!

4. Play Mini Golf

One of the best cheap family things to do in Gatlinburg TN is to play mini golf! There are quite a few places you can play in town, from Hillbilly Golf to Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf. These places all have different themes, so each place is different! You can visit multiple places and have totally unique experiences at all of them.

5. Hike the Gatlinburg Trail

the gatlinburg trailIf you want to stay close to Gatlinburg but want to explore what the mountains have to offer, you should hike the Gatlinburg Trail. This trail is 3.8 miles roundtrip and considered easy. You’ll walk along the Little Pigeon River and over footbridges. There are even remains of homesteads near the end of the trail. This is also one of the only trails in the Smoky Mountains that dogs are allowed on.

6. Play at Mynatt Park

A great way to spend some time outside is to visit Mynatt Park. It’s right outside of downtown Gatlinburg, and it has a huge playground where the kids can play for free! A creek runs through the park, so bring a blanket and set up for a picnic in the park! There’s also a walking trail and a few hiking trails that start in this area.

These are just a few of the cheap family things to do in Gatlinburg TN. If you’re looking for a great deal on a hotel room, look at our Standard Double Rooms to start out with. Want to see our other accommodations? Browse through our other hotel rooms in Gatlinburg and start planning your trip now!