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Rocky Waters Motor Inn
Drone Footage Of Thick Fog Creeping In The Mountain Side
Defining Appalachian Luxury - Rocky Waters Motor Inn

A Defining Moment for Appalachian Culture

If you've been coming to Gatlinburg for a while, you may recognize our name. But trust us - you'd remember if you stayed here. Paying homage to the trailblazers that pioneered hospitality in Gatlinburg in the mid-1930s, we're bringing the serenity and divine perfection of the Smoky Mountains right to the center of town. Our hotel provides guests with an unparalleled experience, a way of being that knows no borders, that feeds the soul as well as the belly, and nourishes the head as much as the heart. It is like an old friend always waiting, ready for one more great new adventure.
Established 1935

A Century of Adventure Behind Us
Your Future In Ahead

Discovery & Growth - Rocky Waters Motor Inn

Discovery & Growth

One of Appalachia's fascinating aspects is the fusion of knowledge from three cultures, shaping innovative styles in arts, music, cooking, horticulture, and botany. Skilled artisans create captivating works, reflecting the region's essence. Appalachia's music blends tradition and contemporary influences, resonating through soulful ballads, lively folk songs, and foot-stomping bluegrass. Its culinary traditions offer distinct flavors and techniques, passed down through generations, embodying comforting home-cooked goodness.
Romance Required - Discovery & Growth - Gatlinburg, TN

Romance Required

The balance of history, nature, and culture is a love affair fit for a novel. It starts the second you arrive - you are welcomed with the feeling of familiarity because it is exactly as you imagined. The Smokies around you pull to your private cabin in the woods sitting right on the river, where the crackle of the fireplace is perfectly in sync with glow in your partners eyes - and you haven't even ventured out of the room yet.

Talk to any of staff members and we can help set up moments for the two you to just enjoy the two of you.

Adventure & Exploration - Gatlinburg, TN

Adventure & Exploration

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a haven for timeless treasured leisure and recreational activities that cater to all adventure enthusiasts of all levels. From the art of fly fishing in pristine streams to the precision of archery and the thrill of rock climbing, there are endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences. Expert guides accompany you as you explore the park's stunning landscapes, unveiling its hidden treasures and sharing their extensive knowledge.
  • Your Own Private Gatlinburg

    A destination that calls out to the "mountain man" in all of us, beckoning women, men, and children with its irresistible Appalachian charm.

    This allure embodies a strength akin to the mountains and rivers themselves—a strength that understands its purpose. It's the river, effortlessly flowing, not questioning the direction. It's the unyielding confidence of a tree, around which we must navigate. It's the delicate fragrance of a flower that makes us bend to smell. It's the freedom of the butterfly that just flies off and melts into the sky.

    Your Own Private Gatlinburg of Rocky Waters Motor Inn
  • Fun Fact

    The hotel has only been owned by two families: The Lawsons and The Patels. Both families lived on the property during the formative years of their children's lives. Mrs. Lawson even gave birth to her son, Bud Lawson, who Bobby Patel would eventually buy the property from. His two boys. Mahavir and Dev, spent many summer days dreaming of the future and planning what the Rocky Waters Motor Inn would one day become.

    As one father had originally passed it on to the next generation, history repeats itself. Now, after years in the dreaming and planning phase, the new Rocky Waters Motor Inn is ready to welcome back long-time friends and a new generation of modern travelers with discerning taste, a love for discovery, and a heart for the community.

    Fun Fact, Gatlinburg Tennessee
Bedroom at Rocky Waters Motor Inn
Traveler’s Insights
It’s all yours.

This place is pretty special, so we aren't surprised when people want to make room reservations or host private events. While we are preparing for our debut, our doors are open to questions, comments and requests.

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